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The Dawn Rider
by Eddie Jones
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"This cover for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, with the winged horse and chariot flying over sand dunes and monolithic rocks, has a story behind it. Originally, I did a painting very similar, but involving an icy landscape, all done in blues. That was on show at St. Louis, and six months later the author Lester del Rey indirectly phoned me from America and asked me if I’d produce it for him. I told him that I’d do it in different colours. So I painted it, sent it to Lester, and he wrote a story around the artwork.
This has happened to me a few times, because I like to tell a story in the painting. In answer to the question which you’re going to ask me: No, I couldn’t become a writer, even if I had to."

Eddie Jones on the creation of The Dawn Rider, from an interview with Vortex magazine, 1977
Energumen - Issue 14 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - May 1974
Energumen 14 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - May 1974
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