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Year Publication Details Notes
1969 Locus
Edited by Marsha Brown
Issue No.30 - 10 June 1969
Eddie Jones Wins TAFF by Marsha Brown, a brief article about the result of the 1969 TAFF ballot.
1969 Progress Report 3
Edited by Bob Schoenfeld
St. Louiscon - ?June 1969
A Statement from Ted White, in which he resigned his position as Fan Guest of Honour at Worldcon 1969 in favour of the winner of TransAtlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) ballot. The candidates were Eddie Jones and Bob Shaw.
Also includes What's TAFF, an article by Steve Stiles giving biographical details about Eddie Jones, the winner of the TAFF ballot.
1969 Program & Memory Book
Edited by Bob Schoenfeld
St. Louiscon - August 1969
Jones the Fan, a brief biography of Eddie Jones by Ethel Lindsay - an excellent summary of his "fan-artist" years.
1971 Terra Astra
Edited by Gunter M. Schelwokat
Moewig - Issue No.11
Eddie Jones, a brief biographical outline by Thomas Schlück.
1974 Science Fiction Monthly
Edited by Patricia Hornsey
Vol.1, No.6 - June 1974
The Artist in Science Fiction, a 2-page article based on an interview with Eddie Jones by Aune R. Butt.
1977 Vortex
Edited by Keith Seddon
Vol.1, No.5 - May 1977
On Piles of Junk, Flying Potato Peelers and Other Related Matters, an interview with Eddie Jones by Hilary Davidson.
Same cover illustration as L'Impero degli Eletti by Gordon R. Dickson.
1979 The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Edited by Peter Nicholls
Granada - ISBN 0246110201
Jones, Eddie, a brief biographical outline of Eddie Jones by Jon Gustafson.
1982 Orbit
Edited by Kees van Toorn
Issue No.19 - Summer 1982
Mogen wij u even voorstellen . . . EDDIE JONES [tr. May we introduce . . . EDDIE JONES], an article based on an interview with Eddie Jones.
1988 A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
Edited by Robert Weinberg
Greenwood Press - ISBN 0313243492
Jones, Eddie, a biographical outline of Eddie Jones by Richard Dalby.
1993 The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Edited by John Clute & Peter Nicholls
Orbit - ISBN 1857231244
Jones, Eddie, a brief biographical outline of Eddie Jones by Jon Gustafson.
1999 Locus
Edited by Charles N. Brown
Issue No.466 - November 1999
Eddie Jones, an obituary of Eddie Jones. Author not credited.
1999 Interzone
Edited by David Pringle
Issue No.150 - December 1999
Letter to the editors from Rog Peyton announcing the death of Eddie Jones and giving a summary of his career.
2000 Perry Rhodan
Edited by Hubert Haensel
Issue No.2020 - May 2000
Neue Welten für Terra Astra [New Worlds for Terra Astra], an obituary of Eddie Jones by Heiko Langhans.
2009 SF and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century
Jane Frank
McFarland - ISBN 9780786434237
Jones, Eddie, a biographical outline and bibliography of Eddie Jones by Jane Frank.


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