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Alan Dean Foster

Eddie Jones

The Big Three
--- Isaac Asimov
--- Arthur C. Clarke
--- Robert A. Heinlein

J.R.R. Tolkien

Patrick Moore

Philip E. High

Richard C. Meredith

Fighting Fantasy

Nebula Science Fiction

SF and Fantasy Book Series
--- Introduction
--- Gollancz Classic SF
--- Sphere SF Classics
--- Tandem Sci-Fi & Fantasy
--- Venture Science Fiction
--- VGSF Classics
--- Darkover - Arrow SF
--- Perry Rhodan - Futura / Orbit
--- Raven: Swordmistress of Chaos
--- The Chronicles of Counter-Earth
--- Thongor of Lemuria


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This Hamlyn Paperbacks advert for the Venture SF series appeared in Issue 15 (June-July 1985) of Space Voyager magazine.
The background artwork is by Eddie Jones and is taken from the cover illustration of Hammer's Slammer's.  
Hamlyn Paperbacks advert for the Venture SF series
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