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Thongor in the City of Magicians. 1970
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Back to previous page Record Number: 16540
Thongor in the City of Magicians. 1970 Thongor in the City of Magicians
by Lin Carter
Tandem Science Fantasy Edition, First Printing 1970
Universal-Tandem Publishing
SBN 426042378
Cover illustration by Gerald Wood
160 pages
Price: 4s

Thongor in the City of Magicians, a Thongor novel by Lin Carter.

First published by Paperback Library in 1968.

Publisher's Blurb – Lower Cover
The last battle to decide the fate of mankind

The fourth adventure of Thongor of Lemuria

Thongor the Barbarian, Sark of Sarks, Lord of the Five Cities, had driven from his lands the accursed and demon-worshipping Druids who had long sought power over the Nine Cities of the West. But in the years that followed, the ominous shadow of Zaar fell darkening from the remotest edge of the world. On the Black Altars of Chaos the Nine Wizards of Zaar vowed a terrible vengeance against the warrior king of Patanga.

They swore with a dreadful oath that the Doom of Thongor should be so unspeakable that its memory would haunt the minds of men for untold ages to come. But more than Thongor's fate is at stake. The Wizards of Zaar plan the conquest of the whole of Lemuria, and only Thongor and his mighty Valkarthan broadsword stand in their way.

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