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Thongor at the End of Time. 1970
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Back to previous page Record Number: 16550
Thongor at the End of Time. 1970 Thongor at the End of Time
by Lin Carter
Tandem Science Fantasy Edition, First Printing 1970
Universal-Tandem Publishing
SBN 426046854
Cover illustration by Gerald Wood?
160 pages
Price: 5s / £0.25

Thongor at the End of Time, a Thongor novel by Lin Carter.

First published by Paperback Library in 1968.

Publisher's Blurb – Lower Cover
Wandering in the Shadowlands of the dead, Thongor's only weapon is the mysterious Sword of Light

Thongor the Mighty, Lord of the West, had brought to ultimate defeat the dread City of Magicians. His legions wrought terrible destruction to that stronghold of evil sorcery, and breached the giant sea wall of black marble, loosing the titanic waves of Takonda Chann the Unknown Sea to whelm and crush the Black City. In that cataclysm, so the world believed, died the last of the Nine Wizards, those supreme and terrible makers of magic who had come perilously close to bringing the Kingdoms of Men beneath their iron tyranny.

But amid the howling chaos of crimson death Mardanax the Black Archdruid crept from his ebon throne and vanished. Through long years of painful endurance he had made his way across half a continent to the gates of Patanga. The scheme was faultless, his master plan of revenge was perfected. Thongor was doomed. Even here in the midst of his own city, ringed about with a hundred thousand warriors, the black shadow of the Last Druid would seek him out and bring him down into the dust...

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