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The Sword of Thongor. 2016
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The Sword of Thongor. 2016 The Sword of Thongor
by Robert M. Price
First Edition 2016
Ramble House / Surinam Turtle Press
ISBN 9781605439068
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Steve Lines
210 pages
Price: $20.00

The Sword of Thongor, a collection of Thongor short fiction by Robert M. Price.


  • The Creature in the Crypt
  • Lost Gods of Lemuria
  • Silver Shadows
  • Mind Lords of Lemuria
  • The Sword of Thongor
  • Witch-Queen of Lemuria
  • Spawn of the Fire Mist
  • Vampires of Lemuria
  • Thongor in the City of the Gods
  • The Eleventh Scarlet Hell
Publisher's Blurb – Lower Cover
Lin Carter was a great fan of both Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and he expressed his love for the work of these giants by carrying on their tradition. His greatest tribute to them is his series of books and novels featuring Thongor of Lemuria, a sword-&-sorcery hero you might get if you put Conan, King Kull, and John Carter of Mars into a blender. For half a century Robert M. Price has loved the Thongor saga, and in recent years has undertaken to honor and to carry on his friend Lin Carter’s tradition of flattering by imitation.

Someone asked John Jakes, "Why do you write sword-&-sorcery stories?" His answer was that there just wasn't enough of the stuff by the pulp authors to satisfy him. He wanted more - and he wasn't going to wait for somebody else to write them! Sound thinking! Fortunately he was not the only one to hear and to heed the call. And some still hear it today. That is the genesis of The Sword of Thongor. Another is the forthcoming Sword-&-Sorcery anthology edited by Price, The Mighty Warriors. And there's still not enough!

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