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A Star Trek Portfolio by S. Fantoni. 1976
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Back to previous page Record Number: 112870
A Star Trek Portfolio by S. Fantoni. 1976 A Star Trek Portfolio by S. Fantoni
by Eddie Jones
First Edition 1976
Andromeda Book Co.
ISBN: None
Eight prints - Issued in a card folder
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
Interior illustrations by Eddie Jones

No. of pages: N/A
Price: Unknown

Portfolio of eight illustrations first published between January and March 1973 in Bild und Funk, a German TV guide.

A numbered, limited edition of 200 copies. The first 50 copies were signed by Eddie Jones.

Rog Peyton has contacted SFandFantasy.co.uk to note that the illustrations were based on pre-publication versions of the stories and, as the stories were later revised, the drawings do not agree with the published texts in some cases.

This cover illustration was used for:

  • Enterprise 3 (Williams, 1972)
  • Terra Astra #225 (Pabel, 1975)
  • Star Trek 3 (Luitingh SF, 1976)
  • A Star Trek Portfolio by S. Fantoni (Andromeda Book Co., 1976)
  • Raumschiff Enterprise 1 (Goldmann, 1985)
Portfolio Notes
The eight illustrations reproduced in this portfolio were originally commissioned for the German Television Guide BILD UND FUNK, who used them as title illustrations for a series of stories taken from the STAR TREK books by the late James Blish. These stories were used as a build-up to the screening of STAR TREK in Germany, where they retitled the series ENTERPRISE, as the words STAR TREK would not conveniently translate. This is the first, and only, reproduction of these illustrations outside Germany.

S. Fantoni is a pen name of the internationally known science fiction artist and illustrator Eddie Jones. His STAR TREK cover paintings have appeared on the editions published in Germany and Holland. He is currently working on the covers for the U.S.A. editions published by Bantam Books. As a science fiction illustrator Eddie produces over 100 paintings per year and his work is published in eight countries including the U.S.A., Great Britain, and Germany.


  1. From "The Naked Time". 13th January 1973
  2. From "Errand of Mercy". 27th January 1973
  3. From "A Taste of Armageddon". 3rd February 1973
  4. From "The Last Gunfight". 10th February 1973
  5. From "The Devil in the Dark, Part 1". 24th February 1973
  6. From "The Devil in the Dark, Part 2". 3rd March 1973
  7. From "The Mark of Gideon, Part 1". 10th March 1973
  8. From "The Mark of Gideon, Part 2". 17th March 1973
This portfolio is a limited edition of 200 copies, the first 50 of which are signed by the artist.

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