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Ogre Castle. 1988
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Back to previous page Record Number: 26740
Ogre Castle. 1988 Ogre Castle
by Robert E. Vardeman
writing as
F.J. Hale
First Edition 1988
Pageant Books
New York
ISBN 0517006480
Cover illustration by Tim Hildebrandt
viii+216 pages
Price: $2.95

Ogre Castle, a novel by Robert E. Vardeman writing as F.J. Hale.

The first part of the After the Spell Wars series.

Later reissued under Vardeman's own name.

The Wizard's Spell Mirror, a third volume in the series, has been written but is, as yet, unpublished.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The island kingdoms of the Plenn Archipelagoes have been ravaged by wars lasting more than a hundred years. The final battles were fought by wizards of prodigious power . . . and no restraint. Entire islands turned into volcanoes and on others even worse catastrophes befell the inhabitants . . .

Itinerant warrior-wizard Durril and his stodgy apprentice Arpad Zen arrive on the island of Loke-Bor looking for work. Durril is a specialist in exorcism and the castle of Lord Northdell is a fitting challenge. The castle and grounds are infested with the menacing spirits of the dead legions that once occupied it. Seeing a quick profit Durril agrees to rid Loke-Bor of all remnants of the Spell Wars . . . not realizing the deal also includes doing battle with the evil and reclusive wizard Rahman'dur.

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