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Hell Heart. 2000
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Back to previous page Record Number: 26790
Hell Heart. 2000 Hell Heart
by Robert E. Vardeman
First Edition 2000
Aspect / Warner Books
New York
ISBN 0446604925
Cover illustration by Donato Giancola
x+278 pages
Price: $6.50

Hell Heart, a novel by Robert E. Vardeman based on the Vor: The Maelstrom wargame for miniatures.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Torn from the universe by an insatiable cosmic vortex, Earth is trapped in the grotesque parody of reality called the Maelstrom – along with thousands of other planets, millions of species, billions of warring creatures . . . all swirling toward ultimate destruction.


In Central America, rebel forces are battling Union troops for control of Chiapas. But the guerrilla struggle becomes an interstellar war when a lethal energy sliver from the Maw crashes into the. Mexican jungle . . . pursued by the Maelstrom’s most vicious aliens. Now in the fallout, a wounded Shard is mutating into a horde of crystalline monsters, while an undead Pharon priest slaughters both Union and rebel soldiers to reinforce his zombie army. And as the fighting escalates into bloody anarchy, the deadly energies build and intensify, threatening a damnation worse than even the Maelstrom itself . . .


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