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Sea Fire. 2001
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Back to previous page Record Number: 26800
Sea Fire. 2001 Sea Fire
by Robert E. Vardeman
writing as
Cliff Garnett
First Edition 2001
Signet / New American Library
New York
ISBN 0451202074
Cover designer unknown
xii+212 pages
Price: $5.99

Sea Fire, a novel by Robert E. Vardeman writing as Cliff Garnett.

The tenth part of the TALON Force series.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

The Russian and British navies are conducting joint military maneuvers in the Irish Sea. Suddenly, a Russian sub suffers a radiation leak – or at least that’s what everyone thinks. In reality, the sub has been hijacked by an ultra-radical wing of the IRA that wants to continue the fight with Britain. Worse still, the terrorists already have the launch codes for the nuclear missiles on board.

With London under the threat of nuclear destruction and a political powder keg ready to blow, TALON Force is called in to re-take the sub, disarm the nuclear payload, and deal with the extremists – the only way they know how. . . .

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