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Fate of the Kinunir. 2013
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Back to previous page Record Number: 26900
Fate of the Kinunir. 2013 Fate of the Kinunir
by Robert E. Vardeman
First Edition 2013 *
Far Future Enterprises
ISBN 9781558780293
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Andrew Boulton
198 pages
Price: $14.99

Fate of the Kinunir, a novel by Robert E. Vardeman based on role-playing game module Traveller Adventure #1, The Kinunir by Marc Miller.

*First published in eBook format in 2013 and in trade paperback in 2014.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
What Happened To The Kinunir?

Intermittent red and blue warning lights flashed without a klaxon. The hull had been breached and the Kinunir leaked air.

"The pirate’s zeroing in on our maneuver drive, sir," Garcia reported. "I’ve lost navigational control."

Telson shunted as much power as possible to the lasers. He felt the vibration through the ship as Denholm triggered the particle beam weapons. Charging those required more time and energy than firing the continuous wave lasers, but the destructive power at close range proved the genius of the tactic.

The corsair glowed as the beam swept across it. Inside that ship he knew systems failed and control of both guidance and lasers was devastated. He made a quick mental note to put Denholm in for a medal, any medal – and to go over the records of this attack for inclusion in his textbook. If the ship survived.

Where is the Kinunir?

More than three decades in the making, veteran author Robert E. Vardeman reveals the truth behind one of the greatest mysteries the Traveller universe has ever known – based on the very first Traveller adventure . . . What is the Fate of the Kinunir?

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