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Gilden-Fire. 1984
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Gilden-Fire. 1984 Gilden-Fire
by Stephen Donaldson
First British Paperback Edition 1984
Fontana Books / William Collins Sons & Co.
London / Glasgow
ISBN 0006168434
Cover illustration and interior illustrations by Peter Goodfellow
96 pages
Price: £1.25

Gilden-Fire, an illustrated Thomas Covenant chapbook by Stephen Donaldson.

First published by Underwood-Miller in 1981.

Originally a chapter in 'The Illearth War, Gilden-Fire was removed prior to publication (along with other material) to reduce the length of the novel to comply with a limit imposed by the publisher.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
A previously unpublished episode from THE ILLEARTH WAR

Having found the Illearth Stone, Lord Foul intends to wield its evil power over the Giants of Seareach.

But a force, led by Korik Bloodguard together with the Lords Shetra and Hyrim, undertake a perilous mission -- to try and warn the Giants of their horrible fate . . .

But they must travel across hostile land and through the menacing Grimmerdhore Forest. They must save themselves from the evil flames of the Gilden-Fire which threaten to engulf them.

And Bloodguard must escape the hungry wolves and the ur-viles so that he can complete his mission and remain loyal to his vow.

Any reader of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant will welcome this new story.

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