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Fatal Revenant. 2012
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Back to previous page Record Number: 23320
Fatal Revenant. 2012 Fatal Revenant
by Stephen Donaldson
Reprint Edition 2012
ISBN 9780575116689
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Sidonie Beresford-Browne
x+758 pages
Price: £9.99

Fatal Revenant, a Thomas Covenant novel by Stephen Donaldson.

Part 2 of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

First published by Putnam and Gollancz in 2007.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

Linden Avery watches from a balcony while Thomas Covenant and her adopted son, Jeremiah, ride desperately towards Revelstone. But their reunion has vast consequences which she could not have foreseen, and soon she is betrayed by the people whom she most needs to trust. Transported deep into the Land's past, she is forced to confront mysterious strangers, legendary heroes and ancient evils, and to stand alone against the malevolence of the Despiser's minions.

When she finds herself in Garroting Deep, the most bloodthirsty of the Land's long-dead forests, she reaches a fearsome decision: if she is to end the Despiser's evil and her own son's suffering, she must reshape reality. For this, she needs to find Loric's krill, a weapon lost in the Hills of Andelain millennia ago. And she needs the aid of friends and allies who would turn against her if she revealed her intent.

Praise for The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

'Covenant is Donaldson's genius'
Village Voice

'Remarkable scope and sophistication'
Los Angeles Times

'Something entirely out of the ordinary'
The Times

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