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Darklight Pirates. 2017
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Back to previous page Record Number: 26930
Darklight Pirates. 2017 Darklight Pirates
by Robert E. Vardeman
First Edition 2017
The Cenotaph Corporation
ISBN: None
Cover design by Robert E. Vardeman
414 pages
Price: $2.76 / £1.99

Darklight Pirates, a standalone novel by Robert E. Vardeman.

Issued in eBook format only.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Programmer General Donal Tomlins never expected a mutiny on his starship -- and a coup on the planet Burran. His wife and daughters are trapped on-planet and it is up to him and his son, Donal, to rescue them using advanced weaponry from the world Far Kingdom. Aiding them is weapons-master Leanne Chang. But even her expertise is not enough to wrest control of their world from the rebels.

A new strategy is necessary. After refitting the Shillelagh using high tech from the strange TZO star system -- a neutron star embedded in the heart of a red giant--Donal and Cletus launch a campaign to regain their world . . . as space pirates. Only by strangling the commerce to Burran can they depose the usurper and rescue wife, mother, daughters and sisters.

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