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Mother Earth. 1949
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Back to previous page Record Number: 41002
Mother Earth. 1949 Mother Earth
by Isaac Asimov
published in:
Astounding Science Fiction
Edited by John W. Campbell
May 1949, Vol.XLIII, No.3
Street & Smith Publications
New York
Cover illustration by by Paul Orban
164 pages
Price: $0.25

Mother Earth, a short Robot-related story by Isaac Asimov, can be found on pages 59-92.

The text includes illustrations by Paul Orban on pages 59, 66, 75 and 85.

No individual robots appear, but positronic robots are part of the background. With fifty Spacer worlds led by Aurora, this tale bridges the gap between the early Robot stories and The Caves of Steel.

Reprinted in:

  • Journey to Infinity (1951)
  • The Early Asimov (1972)

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