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The Rest of the Robots. 1964
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The Rest of the Robots. 1964 The Rest of the Robots
by Isaac Asimov
First Edition 1964
New York
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Thomas Chibbaro
xiv+558 pages
Price: $5.95

The Rest of the Robots, a collection of Robot short fiction and two Robot novels by Isaac Asimov.


  • Robot AL-76 Goes Astray (1942)
  • Victory Unintentional * (1942)
  • First Law (1956)
  • Let's Get Together * (1957)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (1951)
  • Risk (1955)
  • Lenny (1958)
  • Galley Slave (1957)
  • The Caves of Steel (1954) (novel)
  • The Naked Sun (1957) (novel)
*Not compatible with the Foundation universe.

The two novels were omitted from later editions.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the 1967 Dobson Science Fiction hardback edition. Cover design by Richard Weaver.

Publisher’s Blurb – Jacket Flap
At first they were simple, unthinking machines victimized by frightened men suffering from a "Frankenstein complex". Later, as the technology advanced, they become capable of independent action. In eight short stories and two novels, master storyteller Isaac Asimov traces the development of positronic robots with brains of platinum-iridium.

Sensible, non-mephistophelian robots designed by engineers and not pseudo-men created by blasphemers, Asimov’s robots revolutionized the field of science fiction. All the more fascinating because they are not supernatural creatures but precision-engineered machines, the positronic robots react along rational lines that exist in their brains from the moment the last rivet is in place and the last electrical connection has been made.

A classic collection of eight short stories and two full-length novels -- all about robots and robotics -- completing the entire library of Asimov robot writings begun in I Robot.

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