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Foundation's Fear. 1997
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Foundation's Fear. 1997 Foundation's Fear
by Gregory Benford
First Edition 1997.
New York.
ISBN 0061052434.
Hardback in dust jacket.
Cover illustration by Jean Pierre Targete.
428 pages.
Price: $23.00.

Foundation's Fear, a Foundation novel by Gregory Benford.

Part 1 of The Second Foundation Trilogy.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the 2000 printing of the Orbit paperback edition, ISBN 1857235630. Cover illustration by Fred Gambino.

Publisherís Blurb Ė Lower Cover
Isaac Asimov himself suggested that there were areas in his monumental Foundation series that needed further exploration. In Foundationís Fear, Gregory Benford rises magnificently to that challenge and the classic series continues . . .

Hari Seldon, close to perfecting his theory of Psychohistory, is now a reluctant candidate for First Minister. But dangerous enemies force him to flee Trantor. However, the difficulties he faces only serve to hone Hariís political skills for the confrontation to come.

Benfordís superb storytelling, grand vision and firm grasp of hard science combine to produce an important and compelling work and take Asimovís Foundation into new, unexpected and disturbing territory.

'It took a long time for the future to get history. Then, in 1942, Isaac Asimov began the Foundation series, and the future took shape; hills, chasms, paths, cities, dark ages and bright. It was a story we could walk into. Now itís time to take another step'
John Clute

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