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Foundation's Friends. 1997
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Foundation's Friends. 1997 Foundation's Friends:
Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov

edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Revised Edition 1997
Tor Books
New York
ISBN 0812567706
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Garry Ruddell
xii+452 pages
Price: $9.99

Foundation's Friends, an anthology of short fiction by various authors dedicated to Isaac Asimov. Some of the stories are set in Asimovian universes and some are standalone.

Stories more-or-less compatible with the Foundation universe are highlighted in blue.

Includes the following items from the first edition:

  • Preface by Ray Bradbury (essay)
  • Second Preface by Ben Bova (essay)
  • Strip-Runner by Pamela Sargent (Robot story)
  • The Asenion Solution by Robert Silverberg
  • Murder in the Urth Degree by Edward Wellen (Wendell Urth mystery)
  • Trantor Falls by Harry Turtledove (Foundation story)
  • Dilemma by Connie Willis (Robot story)
  • Maureen Birnbaum After Dark by George Alec Effinger
  • Balance by Mike Resnick (Robot story)
  • The Present Eternal by Barry N. Malzberg
  • PAPPI by Sheila Finch (Robot story)
  • The Reunion at the Mile-High by Frederik Pohl
  • Plato's Cave by Poul Anderson (Robot story)
  • Foundation's Conscience by George Zebrowski (Foundation story)
  • Carhunters of the Concrete Prairie by Robert Sheckley (Robot story)
  • The Overheard Conversation by Edward D. Hoch (Black Widowers story)
  • Blot by Hal Clement (Robot story)
  • The Fourth Law of Robotics by Harry Harrison (Robot story)
  • The Originist by Orson Scott Card (Foundation story)
  • A Word or Two from Janet (essay) by Janet Asimov
  • Fifty Years (essay) by Isaac Asimov
The following items were added for this revised edition:
  • The Immortal Bard by Isaac Asimov (short story)
  • The Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov (short story)
  • The Last Question by Isaac Asimov (short story)
  • Susan and Bayta and Me by Karen Anderson (essay)
  • An Appreciation by Poul Anderson (essay)
  • My Brother Isaac by Stanley Asimov (essay)
  • Isaac by Ben Bova (essay)
  • An Unwritten Letter to our Dear Friend Isaac Asimov by Catherine Crook de Camp (essay)
  • Isaac and I by L. Sprague de Camp (essay)
  • Isaac Asimov by Gordon R. Dickson (essay)
  • Isaac by Harlan Ellison (essay)
  • Appreciation of Isaac Asimov by Sheila Finch (essay)
  • In Memoriam by Martin H. Greenberg (essay)
  • Isaac Asimov, Mystery Writer by Edward D. Hoch (essay)
  • From the Heart's Basement by Barry N. Malzberg (essay)
  • In Memoriam by Shawna McCarthy (essay)
  • Part of My Life by Frederik Pohl (essay)
  • An Appreciation of Isaac by Mike Resnick (essay)
  • Isaac Asimov by Carl Sagan (essay)
  • Isaac Asimov: An Appreciation by Pamela Sargent (essay)
  • An Asimov Appreciation by Stanley Schmidt (essay)
  • Reflections on Isaac by Robert Silverberg (essay)
  • Isaac by Janet Asimov (essay)
  • Isaac Asimov: an Affectionate Memory by Norman Spinrad (essay)
  • Appreciation of Isaac by Edward Wellen (essay)
  • In Memoriam by Sheila Williams (essay)
  • Our Mutual Friend by Connie Willis (essay)
  • The Last Interview by George Zebrowski (interview)

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