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Foundation's Triumph. 1999
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Foundation's Triumph. 1999 Foundation's Triumph
by David Brin
First Edition 1999
New York
ISBN 0061052418
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Jean Pierre Targete
328 pages
Price: $25.00

Foundation's Triumph, a Foundation novel by David Brin.

Part 3 of The Second Foundation Trilogy.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the 2000 Orbit paperback edition, ISBN 1841490008. Cover illustration by Fred Gambino.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
'Brin, Bear and Benford have written three terrific books which add a new level of richness to science fiction's greatest achievement'

'As for me, I am finished.'

With these words, a frail, dying Hari Seldon completes his life’s work. The old man has just recorded messages for the Time Vault of the First Foundation. And psychohistory’s Seldon Plan is unleashed, propelled by the ponderous momentum of destiny. Younger hands will now take up the task.

But Seldon knows that neither the First nor the Second Foundation will provide ultimate solutions. The Seldon Plan has three possible outcomes. None of them fills him with joy but he is consoled by the thought that any of the three is better than the chaos that would have happened without him.

However, the future still holds some surprises for Hari Seldon.

With FOUNDATION’S TRIUMPH, David Brin concludes the Second Foundation Trilogy, a dazzling addition to Isaac Asimov’s classic series by three of science fiction’s most acclaimed authors.

The Second Foundation Trilogy
FOUNDATION’S FEAR by Gregory Benford

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