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Seeds of Invasion. 2003
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Back to previous page Record Number: 33920
Seeds of Invasion. 2003 Seeds of Invasion
by Philip E. High
published in:
Fantasy Adventures
Edited by Philip Harbottle
No.7 - 2003
Cosmos Books / Wildside Press
ISBN 1592242065
Cover illustration by Ron Turner
168 pages
Price: $15.00

Seeds of Invasion, a short story by Philip E. High, can be found on pages 7-19 of this anthology.

Published in September 2003.

From Blurb – Lower Cover
This one was a skeleton. Not an old one, brown with age and falling apart but a new one, picked or scraped clean. And worse, it was dressed.

It wore a flat brown hat with a small peak. It wore a brown industrial cover-all such as a man might wear in a trade that was not too messy. Beneath it he wore normal everyday clothing. He wore boots and they were on. Somehow a gold ring was adhering to the bone of his finger . . .

He was not, strictly speaking, crucified. The position was correct with the arms outspread but no nails held him to the green painted wood of the garden shed. He was literally stuck there, held by his clothes by some unknown adhesive.

A detective’s investigation into this strange death leads him into the weirdest and most horrifying case of his career in PHILIP E. HIGH’s brilliant new story, SEEDS OF INVASION!

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