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A Heinlein Trio. 1980
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Back to previous page Record Number: 54360
A Heinlein Trio. 1980 A Heinlein Trio
by Robert A. Heinlein
First Edition 1980
Nelson Doubleday / Science Fiction Book Club
New York
Publisher's Code: #2193
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Gary Viskupic
vi+506 pages
Price: $4.98 [Not marked]

A Heinlein Trio, an omnibus of fiction by Robert A. Heinlein.

  • The Puppet Masters (1951)
  • Double Star (1956)
  • The Door into Summer (1957)
Publisher’s Blurb – Jacket Flaps
A secret agent learns that a flying-saucer rumor is nothing to scoff at . . . an actor is offered the role of a lifetime, but the performance may have an alarmingly short run . . . a man whose sweetheart and best friend have done him wrong decides to take his time getting even. . . .

A HEINLEIN TRIO is a science fiction reader’s dream—a bonanza volume that brings together three entertaining, full-length novels by one of SF’s most popular writers. Included are:

The Puppet Masters
The Chief got the word from a field agent: a space ship had landed in Iowa. A Des Moines radio station was covering the story, but the station had abruptly shut down, and then come back on the air to say it was all a hoax.

That, and the fact that the six agents in the area had disappeared, convinced the Chief that a thorough investigation was called for. That’s where Mary and Sam came in. She was a top agent who wouldn’t crack in the face of the unknown. And Sam—he too was a pro, guaranteed to shoot fast if the going got rough . . . and expendable if the Chief’s suspicions were right, and fast shooting didn’t stop the alien invaders. . . .

Double Star
His card read "The Great Lorenzo, Pantomimist and Mimicry Artist Extraordinary," but Larry Smith was just an unemployed actor when he first met Dak Broadbent.

Dak offered him an unusual professional engagement. He wanted Lorenzo to impersonate a key statesman—an advocate of equal rights for Martians—who had mysteriously disappeared. Lorenzo was about to turn the job down—it sounded dangerous, and he didn’t much care for Martians. Yet when it was suggested that perhaps the Great Lorenzo couldn’t handle the job, Larry changed his mind. He would do it for the sake of his professional pride.

And if by chance the statesman never reappeared . . . ?

The Door Into Summer
Electronics wizard Dan Davis should have been a happy man. The various gadgets he’d invented were huge successes. But Dan had been jilted by the woman he loved, betrayed by the partner he’d trusted. And all he wanted to do now was take the Long Sleep.

Insurance companies made it sound so good: "dream your troubles away." They’d invest your assets and you’d wake up rich in the future. Yet it wasn’t money that motivated Dan; it was the idea of coming back in 30 years, still young and strong, to confront his old and wrinkled ex-lover.

But the best-laid plans. . . .

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