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Captives of the Moon. 1960
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Back to previous page Record Number: 15340
Captives of the Moon. 1960 Captives of the Moon
by Patrick Moore
First Edition 1960
Burke Publishing Company
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Patricia Cullen
160 pages
Price: 8s.6d

A Robin North novel.

Reprinted in the Junior Pacemaker series in 1964.
Reprinted again in 1975.

Publisher’s Blurb – Dust Jacket Flaps
Robin North and his new found friend Rex Redmayne - called Carrots - are moon-watching from an advanced rocket base on earth when they see a fantastic explosion in the vicinity of the new American moon base.

The blame for this nuclear explosion is placed on the Russians. As the British party have the only operational rocket available, they are dispatched to the moon on a rescue venture and include the lucky Robin and Carrots among their passengers.

Rocket ship Lizzie blasts off but during the hazardous journey she encounters near disaster in the form of a small meteor.

Eventually, the party’s arrival on the moon, despite all warnings to keep away, ends in the destruction of the rocket. They meet the surviving Americans and learn the dreaded news. It was not the Russians who tested a bomb, but the Americans who are still active in their nuclear tests on the moon after agreeing that no more tests should be held on earth.

It seems that the party is doomed and when they receive radio signals that the Russians, ignorant of the dangers involved, plan to fire a nuclear explosion on their side of the moon, it is apparent there is little hope of them ever returning to earth alive. But the unexpected occurs and the tension mounts as the little party struggles for survival.

Patrick Moore has been interested in the possibilities of space travel since his boyhood, though his main interests are in the field of pure astronomy.

During the war he served in the Royal Air Force as a bomber navigator, and in more recent years has concentrated on writing. His popular scientific books include Boys’ Book of Space (translated into French and Italian), Guide to the Moon, Guide to the Planets (both originally published some years ago, and now re-issued as paperback editions) and Guide to Mars, a popular survey of what is known about Mars itself.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and has been Director of the Mercury and Venus Section of the British Astronomical Association, as well as being associated with many foreign societies.

He is well known to millions on account of his monthly astronomical programme on BBC Television, The Sky at Night.

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