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The Hammer of God. 1993
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The Hammer of God. 1993 The Hammer of God
by Arthur C. Clarke
First Edition 1993
ISBN 0575056169
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Peter Mennim
206 pages
Price: £14.99

The Hammer of God, a novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

The image opposite and the blurb below are from the 1994 printing of the Orbit paperback edition, ISBN 1857231945. Cover illustration by John Avon.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
It is an amateur astronomer on Mars who first spots the previously uncharted asteroid, falling sunwards. And when the scientists of project SPACEGUARD compute its orbit, they christen it Kali - the Hindu goddess of destruction.

It is 2109, sixty-five million years since the reign of the giant reptiles was ended. And now Kali threatens a similar fate for mankind. As Captain of the research vessel Goliath, Robert Singh is in charge of an operation that has been long planned but never before put into action - the immense task of pushing an asteroid off its course. But even the most meticulous planning cannot anticipate the human factor.

With superb storytelling and authentic science, THE HAMMER OF GOD is vintage Clarke.

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