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Arthur C. Clarke. 1985
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Arthur C. Clarke. 1985 Arthur C. Clarke
by Arthur C. Clarke
Omnibus Edition 1985
Heinemann / Octopus / Martin Secker & Warburg
ISBN 090571282X
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustration by Chris Moore
752 pages
Price: £9.95

Arthur C. Clarke, an omnibus of five novels by Arthur C. Clarke.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
  • The City and the Stars (1956)
  • The Deep Range (1957)
  • A Fall of Moondust (1961)
  • Rendezvous With Rama (1973)
Publisher’s Blurb – Jacket Flaps
Arthur C. Clarke is the author of over fifty books, which have been translated into thirty languages. As co-author with Stanley Kubrick of the screenplay of 2001: A Space Odyssey, he is known to millions of cinemagoers throughout the world.

2001: A Space Odyssey
The extraordinary and spine-chilling novel of one of the most spectacular films ever made, is the compelling story of Bowmans trip through space at the mercy of a deranged computer.

The City and the Stars
In the streets of Diaspar it was always afternoon and darkness never came. There, no contact was made with the outer world. Diaspar had challenged Eternity, defending itself against the slow attrition of the ages. No human had been born in Diaspar for at least ten million years but now the miracle had happened . . .

The Deep Range
After a terrifying experience in outer space Walter Franklin needed to discover a reason for living. This he found in the soothing waters of the ocean depths. Freedom to roam the great waters should have been enough but Franklin was haunted by the memory of an echo, an echo that could solve the oldest mystery of the sea . . .

A Fall of Moondust
The setting is the moon in the 21st century, depicted in spectacular detail. Will the crew and passengers of the dust-cruiser Selene, buried 50 metres down from the Sea of Thirst, be rescued before half a dozen possible catastrophes overcome them?

Rendezvous with Rama
Rama is a metallic cylinder approaching the sun at tremendous speed. The product of an alien civilization hurtling through the galaxy from a world of advanced technology and artificial ecology. But what is its purpose in this year 2131? Who is inside it and why?

Arthur C. Clarke
Although born in Somerset, Arthur C. Clarke now lives in Sri Lanka where he spends most of his time diving for treasure in the wrecks buried off the island’s reefs. A fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and past chairman of the British Interplanetary Society he is still very much involved with the future of space travel. Winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards in 1974, his contributions to science fiction have established him at the forefront of his field.

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