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A Meeting with Medusa. 1988
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Back to previous page Record Number: 63480
A Meeting with Medusa. 1988 A Meeting with Medusa
by Arthur C. Clarke
Omnibus Edition 1988
Tor Books
Tor SF Double #1
New York
ISBN 0812533623
Cover illustration by Vincent Di Fate
68+114 pages
Price: $2.95

This volume is an omnibus of fiction by Arthur C. Clarke and Kim Stanley Robinson.

  • A Meeting with Medusa - a novelette by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Green Mars - a novella by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Medusa Chronicles, a sequel novel by Stephen Baxter and Alastair Reynolds, was published by Gollancz in 2016 - ISBN 9781473210189.

Publisher’s Blurb – Page One
Tor is proud to bring you the best in science fiction’s short novels. An amazing amount of particularly fine science fiction is written at a length just too short to put in a book by itself, so we’re providing them two at a time.

The Tor Doubles will be both new stories and older ones, all carefully chosen. Whichever side you start with, you will be able to turn the book over and enjoy the other side just as much.

A hundred seconds to entry. For better or worse, he was committed. In a minute and a half, he would graze the Jovian atmosphere and would be caught irrevocably in the grip of the giant.

The countdown was two seconds late—not at all bad, considering the unknowns involved. Beyond the walls of the capsule came a ghostly sighing that rose steadily to a high-pitched screaming roar. The noise was quite different from that of a re-entry on Earth or Mars; in this thin atmosphere of hydrogen and helium, all sounds were transformed a couple of octaves higher. On Jupiter, even thunder would have falsetto overtones.

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