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The Making of a Moon. 1957
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Back to previous page Record Number: 64700
The Making of a Moon. 1957 The Making of a Moon
by Arthur C. Clarke
1st Edition 1957
Frederick Muller
Hardback in dust jacket
Cover illustrator: N/A
184 pages
Price: 21s

The Making of a Moon, an account of the Earth satellite programme by Arthur C. Clarke.

Publisher's Blurb - Jacket Flap
The launching of earth satellites in connexion with the International Geophysical Year is Man's first major step into space. This book describes how the idea of artificial satellites first arose, and the problems which had to be overcome before it was possible to establish them.

Without assuming any prior technical knowledge on the part of the reader, Mr. Clarke explains the basic principles upon which these man-made moons depend, and the many types of new knowledge which they will make available as they circle the Earth. He also discusses the possible military and scientific uses of the larger, man-carrying "space stations" which will follow the present automatic satellites -- in particular their immense commercial value as TV and radio relay stations which could provide interference-free service over the entire world.

The author is particularly well qualified to write on this subject, not merely because of his earlier works on astronautics (such as The Exploration of Space) but also because of his close connexion with the subject of satellites. As Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society, he organised the first international congress devoted to artificial satellites (London, 1951). Two years later he was Chairman of the Hayden Planetarium's Third Symposium on Space Travel in New York, where satellite vehicles were again the main theme. In preparing this book he has received the full co-operation of the many agencies working on the official U.S. satellite project.

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