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The Horror on the Beach. 1978
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The Horror on the Beach. 1978 The Horror on the Beach
by Alan Dean Foster
First Edition 1978.
The Library Lovecraftian Vol.4.
Valcour & Krueger / Shroud Publishers.
San Diego.
ISBN: None.
Trade paperback-sized chapbook.
Illustrated by Stephen C. Garris.
50 pages.
Price: $2.00.

A Cthulhu chapbook.

Limited edition.

Verso of title page states 1000 copies, but final page states 995 copies.

Publisherís Blurb Ė Lower Cover

It reached the bottom of the steps and seemed to hesitate. Dave reminded himself that this was only a part of whatever monstrosity rested on the floor above, fishing for them. Then, slowly, it began to move again. Towards their little hiding place, their last refuge of sanity. He prayed silently to the others, not daring to whisper. Donít scream. Whatever you do, think, feel, donít scream. As though she read his thoughts he noticed that Julie had placed her other hand tightly over Flipís mouth. It wasnít necessary. The boy had fainted.

He dimly recalled the distant voice of Martin Birch, screaming over the phone. "Itís all around the house!"


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