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Dicing with Dragons. 1983
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Back to previous page Record Number: 76690
Dicing with Dragons. 1983 Dicing with Dragons
by Ian Livingstone
Revised American edition - published 1983
New American Library / Plume
New York
ISBN 0452254477
Trade paperback
Cover photographer unknown
Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson
Additional illustrations by various artists
134 sections

Dicing with Dragons: An Introduction to Role-Playing Games, a guide by Ian Livingstone.

Although not part of the Fighting Fantasy series, Dicing with Dragons is included here because it contains a Fighting Fantasy-style "Fantasy Quest" adventure by Ian Livingstone called Eye of the Dragon.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
From glittering dragons' hoards to laser battles in space...
From the murky depths of castle dungeons to monster-plagued pathways through a forest wilderness…

Here is your complete guide to a whole universe of excitement and adventure – the wonderful worlds of role-playing games. In the safety of your own home, you can become a fierce warrior facing countless perils as you rescue your friends from the clutches of an evil dungeon master. Or you can be the master of the game, luring your worthy opponents – whether they are barbarians, elves, thieves, or sorcerers – into countless treacherous traps where ogres, wolves, demons, and other deadly creatures wait to attack. But whether you’re a player or a game master, a novice or a being of well-proven abilities, you’ll find a wealth of useful information included in this unique sourcebooks:

  • Eye of the Dragon, a solo role-playing game designed especially for this book
  • A full rundown of games and accessories
  • How to play Dungeons & Dragons®, Runequest™, Traveller™, Tunnels & Trolls™ and other current bestselling games
  • How to create your own games
  • The best techniques for painting figures
  • A look at the new computer games
  • A shopper’s guide to games, magazines, and supplies
Publisher’s Blurb – Page One
You are a sword-swinging warrior on the trail of fabled treasure…

You are a starship captain under attack by bloodthirsty space pirates…

You are a wizard’s apprentice held prisoner in a rival sorcerer’s tower…

You are a thief, a cleric, a dwarf, an elf, an Amazon, a lord, a courageous explorer of different times and distant worlds…

You are an adventurer embarking on your first or your fiftieth quest into the fantastic and fun-filled realm of role-playing games. And here is the one handbook that can help you set the scenarios, arm yourself with weapons and spells, and prepare yourself in every way to become the ultimate master of whole universes of the imagination.

Ian Livingstone became interested in strategical games in 1968. He co-founded Games Workshop, Ltd. in 1975 and is currently the Marketing Director. The editor of White Dwarf magazine since its first issue in 1977, he is the inventor of several games including Judge Dredd and Battlecars, and is the co-author of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

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