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Casket of Souls. 1987
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Back to previous page Record Number: 76780
Casket of Souls. 1987 Casket of Souls
by Ian Livingstone
First published 1987
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0192797913
Large format hardback
Cover illustration by Iain McCaig
Interior illustrations by Iain McCaig
12 sections

Casket of Souls, a puzzle book by Ian Livingstone.

Published simultaneously in 1987 as a hardback by Oxford University Press and as a paperback by Penguin Books.

The O.U.P. edition was issued with two cover variants, priority unknown:

  • Free poster advertised in a yellow triangle on the upper cover. A domestic edition?
  • No mention of the free poster. An export edition?
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Dare you open the Casket of Souls?

I am Sallazar, spirit guardian of the kingdom of Amarillia. For two hundred years I was the keeper of an artefact of magical energy, so powerful that its creation took the lives of eleven grand wizards. It was a casket that could imprison a demon and was made to defend Amarillia in its darkest years.

And when the demon came, I awoke ready to trap it with the casket. But I gambled and lost. I was obliterated and rematerialised on the plane of shadows, unable to escape.

Yet the demon can still be annihilated by the casket. There is a hidden spell that can open it. I will lead you to it. Please help for there is no other hope left to us.

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