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The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book. 1990
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The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book. 1990 The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book
by Steve Jackson
and Ian Livingstone

First published 1990
Fantail Publishing
ISBN 0140902201
Very large format paperback
Cover illustration by Chris Achilleos
Interior illustrations by various artists
15 large paintings

The Fighting Fantasy Poster Book, an artbook reproducing 15 Fighting Fantasy book covers in large format with blurbs on their background.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
A collector’s item for any Fighting Fantasy fan to treasure, this amazing book contains 15 full-colour posters of the most sensational covers from the series of international best sellers. Jackson and Livingstone explain how they developed the concept of the Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebooks and why they think the books achieved such enormous success.

The posters themselves display in terrifying technicolour all the loathsome creatures and foul fiends of your worst nightmares!

Featuring illustrations by:
Peter Jones
Brian Bolland
Ian Miller
John Sibbick
David Gallagher
lain McCaig
Chris Achilleos
Les Edwards

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