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The 10th Anniversary Yearbook. 1992
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The 10th Anniversary Yearbook. 1992 The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook
Compiled and edited by Marc Gascoigne
First published 1992
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140362908
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Terry Oakes
Interior illustrations by various artists
200 sections

The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook is essentially a diary, but also includes artwork, numerous essays on Fighting Fantasy-related topics and Rogue Mage, a Fighting Fantasy mini adventure.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
10 years on … Fighting Fantasy, the Worldwide Gamebook Phenomenon

Gathered together in one hook – all the meanest monsters, vilest beasts and the cruellest conquerors. Where did they come from? Where are they going? All is revealed in this yearbook.

Titan – a land for only the bravest adventurers – a land of legend, epic battles and heroic deeds. Maps, hints on play and a special solo game are all here for those who seek adventure.

Part diary – part gamebook – part guide – this is essential reading for any Fighting Fantasy fan.

Fighting Fantasy – the world’s most popular adventure gamehook series.

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