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The Keep of the Lich Lord. 2014
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Back to previous page Record Number: 77020
The Keep of the Lich Lord. 2014 The Keep of the Lich Lord
by Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson
Revised edition - published 2014
Fabled Lands Publishing
ISBN 9781909905214
Trade paperback
Upper cover illustration by Kevin Jenkins
Lower cover map by Leo Hartas

Interior illustrations by Megara Entertainment
Other maps by ?
408 sections

This version of The Keep of the Lich Lord was adapted to fit into the Fabled Lands universe.

(Previously published by Puffin Books as Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook #43)

Also includes:

  • Foreword by Dave Morris
  • Introduction - the original version
  • Outlines for four Fighting Fantasy adventures that were proposed but never written
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Lord Mortis has risen!

Clawing his way back from the grave, the lich lord has set his sights on conquest of the mainland.

A cunning and fearless adventurer is needed for a vital mission to enter Bloodrise Keep and overthrow Lord Mortis - an adventurer like YOU!

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