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The Keep of the Lich Lord. 2015
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Back to previous page Record Number: 77040
The Keep of the Lich Lord. 2015 The Keep of the Lich Lord
by Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson
Collector's edition - published 2015
Megara Entertainment
ISBN 9781093943015
Cover illustrator unknown
Interior illustrations by Mary Nikol, Eric Chaussin, Laura de Fayard, Sophie de Fayard, Fabiola Irina Vargas, Aude Pfister, Jessica Martins, Emilie Jarrige and Faiz Nabheebucus
Stayng Island map by Leo Hartas
Other maps by ?
408 sections

This version of The Keep of the Lich Lord was adapted to fit into the Fabled Lands universe.

(Previously published by Puffin Books as Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook #43)

Contains a Foreword by Dave Morris but not the Fighting Fantasy-related extras included in the paperback edition.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Lord Mortis has risen!

Clawing his way back from the grave, the foul Lich-Lord has once again set his sights on conquest. Allying himself with the Reavers of the Unnumbered Isles, he threatens to bring the northern kingdoms under the cruel domination of his undead armies. They have already taken Bloodrise Keep, a key point in the defence of the islands, and soon nothing will stand between Mortis and victory.

A cunning and fearless adventurer is needed for a vital mission to enter Bloodrise Keep and overthrow Lord Mortis – an adventurer like you. This Fabled Lands Quest allows you to play this classic gamebook, originally published as part of the Fighting Fantasy series, either as a one-off adventure or with a character from the Fabled Lands books.

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