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Out of the Pit. 1985
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Out of the Pit. 1985 Fighting Fantasy Monsters
Out of the Pit

Edited by Marc Gascoigne
First published 1985
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140319999
Large format paperback
Cover illustration by Christos Achilleos
Interior illustrations by Jeff Anderson, Dave Andrews, Malcolm Barter, John Blanche, Bob Harvey, Bill Houston, Alan Langford, Iain McCaig, Russ Nicholson, Tim Sell, Gary Ward, Edward Crosby, Christos Achilleos, Mark Bromley, Alan Craddock, Julek Heller, Ian Miller and Terry Oakes
Maps by Dave Andrews
128 pages

A bestiary of monsters from Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebooks, this guide was later recognized as a source book for the Fighting Fantasy multi-player role-playing game and later still for Advanced Fighting Fantasy.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

From the darkest corners, from the deepest pools and from dungeons thought only to exist in nightmares come the Fighting Fantasy monsters – the downfall of many a brave warrior.

Two hundred and fifty of these loathsome creatures from the wild and dangerous worlds of Fighting Fantasy are collected here – some are old adversaries, many you have yet to meet – each of them described in minute detail. An indispensable guide for Fighting Fantasy adventurers!

  • Full monster statistics
  • 250 illustrations
  • 8 full pages in colour
  • Maps
  • Tables and charts

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