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The Trolltooth Wars. 2017
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Back to previous page Record Number: 77220
The Trolltooth Wars. 2017 Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars
adapted by P.J. Montgomery
First published 2017
P.J. Montgomery & Gavin Mitchell
ISBN: None
Trade paperback
Cover illustration by Gavin Mitchell
Interior illustrations by Gavin Mitchell
156 pages

The Trolltooth Wars, a graphic novel adapted by P.J. Montgomery and ilustrated by Gavin Mitchell, based on the novel by Steve Jackson.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
'Goblins! Goblins! . . . We are attacked!
Take guard . . . Ambush!'

When Balthus Dire's hill goblins raid a caravan transporting a mystical herb to Zharradan Marr, they set into motion a chain of events that plunge Allansia into a vicious war between the two evil sorcerers.

With their powers and forces being well-matched, the war escalates, and the kingdom of Salamonis comes under threat, A champion is needed to turn the war to Salamonis' advantage and prevent the bloodshed.

The warrior Chadda Darkmane is selected for the mission, and must travel across Allansia seeking unlikely allies, as unseen forces plot against him. Can Darkmane bring an end to the war, or will chaos rule over Allansia?

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