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Night Dragon. 1993
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Back to previous page Record Number: 72780
Night Dragon. 1993 Night Dragon
by Keith Martin
(aka Carl Sargent)
Cover Variant #4 - Dragon Header
First published 1993
Puffin Books
ISBN 0140364072
Cover illustration by Tony Hough
Interior illustrations by Tony Hough
400 sections

Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook #52.

Keith Martin is a pen name used by the author Carl Sargent.

This cover variant was issued in two states, priority as below:

  1. Volume number on spine. Names in foil.
  2. Volume number on spine. Names in black.
Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The Night Dragon must not awaken!

It is a creature of pure evil from before time existed, a Dragon so immense nothing will be able to contain it. Deep beneath the savage Dragon Reaches, it is sucking in powerful magical energy which will soon allow it to cross into this world. If it succeeds, all Allansia will be crushed beneath its claws!

Even the legendary Conclave of Dragons is powerless to stop the creature. A human hero is needed - a hero like YOU! Many monstrous adversaries are ranged against you, but along the way you may find ancient artefacts to help you in your quest. Ultimately, however, only extraordinary heroism will stand against the Night Dragon. Dare YOU accept the quest?

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