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Deathmoor. 1994
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Back to previous page Record Number: 72840
Deathmoor. 1994 Deathmoor
by Robin Waterfield
Cover Variant #4 - Dragon Header
First published 1994
Puffin Books
ISBN 014036496X
Cover illustration by Terry Oakes
Interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson
400 sections

Fighting Fantasy Adventure Gamebook #55.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
Adventurer Needed – Urgently!

An experienced adventurer is desperately needed in the distant city of Arion for a mission of deadly importance – an adventurer like YOU. Telessa, the beautiful Princess Royal, is missing, believed kidnapped. She must be rescued, and she must be rescued fast.

Unfortunately King Jonthane has already given the quest to your deadly rival Fang-zen of Jitar! Can you prove that you are the one to find the princess, wherever she may be held, before she can be harmed? Hurry, for time is running out!

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