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Back to previous page Record Number: 99587
Authentic Science Fiction. First Edition 1954 Authentic Book of Space
First Edition 1954
Edited by H.J. Campbell
Authentic Science Fiction
104 pages - Covers included in pagination
Price: 5s
Cover illustration by John Richards
Interior illustrations by John Richards, Davis (aka John Richards), M.A. Wilson and Bert

Authentic Book of Space, an anthology of short fiction and science articles, mostly by regular contributors to Authentic Science Fiction magazine.


  • Explorers of Mars by William F. Temple
  • The Blue Cloud by Mary Dogge
  • Old Growler [Graphic story] by Jon J. Deegan
  • Playmate by Leslie A. Crouch
Jon J. Deegan is a pseudonym of Robert George Sharp.

Also contains:

  • Coasting in Space
  • Science Fiction and Space Flight by Arthur C. Clarke
  • All About Mars [Uncredited article]
  • Death Rides the Spaceways by Forrest J. Ackerman
  • From Earth to the Stars [Uncredited article]
  • Man's Slow Ascent [Uncredited article]
  • Scientific Crossword
  • A Seat in the Big Eye of Mt. Palomar [Uncredited article]
  • Hardships in Starships by Alan U. Hershey
  • A Suit for Space [Uncredited article]
  • ...and what it's like up there [Uncredited article]
  • How Big Is Space by Frank Wilson
  • Radio in Space by David McIlwaine
  • Tour of the Solar System [Uncredited board game]
  • Our Friends the Aliens by H. Kenneth Bulmer
  • How do you say "Hello" to a Martian? by William F. Temple
  • British Astronautical Pioneers by Harry Harper
  • Colours of the Stars [Uncredited article]
  • Double Stars [Uncredited article]
  • Do you want to emigrate to Mars? by E.C. Tubb
  • Possible Life-Forms on Other Planets by H.J. Campbell
  • Background to the Rocket by Frank Wilson
  • The Artificial Satellite by H.E. Ross and R.A. Smith
  • Useful Information [Uncredited article]
  • Make Your Own Spaceship [Uncredited article]
  • Magnitude of the Stars [Uncredited article]
  • Variable Stars [Uncredited article]
  • The Difficult Science of Astronautics [Uncredited article]
  • Simple Space Figuring [Uncredited article]
  • Sighs from Space [Uncredited article]
  • Newspapers of the Future [Uncredited article]
  • How to Steer a Spaceship! by Frank Wilson
  • A few words About our Authors and their backgrounds [Uncredited article]
  • The Laws of Robotics [Uncredited article]

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