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Issue 33
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Back to previous page Record Number: 99833
Nebula Science Fiction. Issue No.33, August 1958 Nebula Science Fiction
Issue No.33, August 1958
Edited by Peter Hamilton.
Peter Hamilton (Publisher).
112 pages. Covers not included in pagination.
Price: 2s.
Upper cover illustration by Kenneth Barr.
Lower cover illustration by Kenneth Barr.
Interior illustrations by Kenneth Barr and John J. Greengrass.

Also issued in the United States with the same cover art.
Date: December 1958. Price: 35c.


  • Talk Not At All by E.C. Tubb
  • Way Out by Robert Lloyd
  • Mute Witness by Clifford C. Reed
  • Debt of Lessor by N.K. Hemming
  • Conflagration by Stuart Allen
  • Wisdom of the Gods (Part Two) by Kenneth Bulmer
Also contains:
  • Look Here [Editorial]
  • Cinderella of the Skies by A.E. Roy
  • Who Rules in Space by Donald Malcolm
  • Something To Read by Kenneth F. Slater
  • Scientifilm Previews by Forrest J. Ackerman
  • Fanorama by Walter A. Willis

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