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Venture Science Fiction - Volume 10
Chronicles of the Star Kings
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Back to previous page Record Number: 99910
Chronicles of the Star Kings Volume 10
Chronicles of the Star Kings

Edmond Hamilton
Issued: April 1986
Arrow Books
ISBN 0099478609
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
ii+190+208 pages

First published in two volumes in 1949 and 1969.

Publisher's Blurb
First time in one volume...

The Star Kings
Flung across space and time by the sorcery of super-science, John Gordon exchanges bodies with a prince of the Mid-Galactic Empire, two thousand centuries in the future.

Suddenly John is thrust into cosmic battle between the democratic Empire World and the tyranny of the Black Cloud regime... But can his twentieth-century mind cope with the technology of 200,000 years from now?

Return To The Stars
Once more John Gordon is propelled into a far-distant future - when the entire galaxy is inhabited. But the human race is only one among thousands and many are its sworn enemies.

So a man of the past is forced to ally himself with men of the future in a desperate struggle to save mankind from final annihilation...

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