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Venture Science Fiction - Volume 22
Victims of the Nova
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Victims of the Nova Volume 22
Victims of the Nova

John Brunner
Issued: March 1989
Arrow Books
ISBN 0099624400
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
480 pages

First published in three volumes as The Avengers of Carrig (1969), Polymath (1974) and The Repairmen of Cyclops (1981).

Publisher's Blurb
When the star Zarathustra went nova, the desperate survivors spread out in all directions. Those that found habitable worlds were few, and after hundreds of years the Zarathustra Refugee Planets were either forgotten or in quarantine.

Colonising a new planet requires much more than just settling on a newly discovered island of Old Earth. New planets were different in thousands of ways - any of those differences could mean death and disaster to a human settlement.

And sometimes, refugees from another planet had to be brutal. For the inhabitants of Carrig, new arrivals brought invincible death guns - and their ruthless, all-powerful tyranny...

Now published in one volume, these brilliant novels once again show John Brunner to be a true master of science fiction writing.

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