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The Conan Saga - Volume 27
Conan the Valorous
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Conan the Valorous Volume 27
Conan the Valorous

by John Maddox Roberts
Issued: September 1987
Sphere Books
ISBN 0722173962
Cover illustration by Kirk Reinert
viii+216 pages

Conan the Valorous, a Conan novel by John Maddox Roberts.

Volume 27 in the Conan saga.

First published by Tor Books in 1985.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

Conan returns to his native Cimmeria to find Vanir invaders and black sorceries despoiling the sacred mountain, Ben Morgh. The evil Vendhyan mage Jaganath contends with Hathor-Ka, voluptuous sorceress of Stygia, to attain power above that of the gods themselves. To defeat their villainous designs, Conan must battle Vanir warriors, dark thaumaturgies and demon hordes. To survive, he must be CONAN THE VALOROUS

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