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The Conan Saga - Volume 30
Conan the Champion
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Conan the Champion Volume 30
Conan the Champion

by John Maddox Roberts
Issued: 1989
Sphere Books
ISBN 0747401721
Cover illustration by Blas Gallego
240 pages

Conan the Champion, a Conan novel by John Maddox Roberts.

Volume 30 in the Conan saga.

First published by Tor Books in 1987.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover

Stranded in the furthest northern reaches of Brythunia, Conan the Cimmerian pledges himself as the champion of the haughty and beautiful Queen Alcuina. Soon the mighty barbarian is embroiled in a war with two kings who covet Alcuina's lands and the evil wizard Iilma, who wants even more. From the blood-drenched snows of the Brythunian forests to the sorcerous Shifting Lands the battles rage. The dead rise to slay, and victory can only come from CONAN THE CHAMPION

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