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The Conan Saga - Volume 31
Conan the Defiant
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Conan the Defiant Volume 31
Conan the Defiant

by Steve Perry
Issued: 1990
Orbit Books
ISBN 0747403066
Cover illustration by Blas Gallego?
248 pages

Conan the Defiant, a Conan novel by Steve Perry.

Volume 31 in the Conan saga.

First published by Tor Books in 1988.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
The youthful Conan has only just begun his journey into the civilized lands, yet already he is the target of temple assassins and the object of desire of two women, Elashi the warrior maiden from the deserts and Tuanne, long a prisoner of the necromancer Neg the Malefic. All Conan wanted was to avenge the death of a friend, but suddenly he is facing undead warriors recalled from the tomb, not to mention the Men With No Eyes. All seek the Source of Light, the talisman that can give the vile Neg an unconquerable army from the grave or bring him down forever. The fate of the world rests in the hands of a young barbarian who will not let sorcery or warriors risen from the dead stay him from his vengeance . . .


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