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Come Hunt An Earthman - 1987 ReprintIn April 1985 Arrow Books launched a new series of books under their Hamlyn Paperbacks imprint.

Venture Science Fiction, or as it was better known, Venture SF was hailed by Arrow Books as "a new publishing imprint to bring you the very best in adventure SF.  Time travel, galactic empires, alien invasions - all the traditional elements that have made science fiction the most exciting form of literature of the 20th century.  In Venture SF, we'll be bringing you novels of action adventure - no short stories, no fantasy, no boredom.  If action adventure SF is your type of reading, then Venture SF is for you - every book published by us will be the first appearance in paperback in the UK.  We'll be publishing one new book every month - Start collecting them now!"

Back in the mid-1980s this was right up my street and the distinctive cover design caught my eye.  I started collecting with glee.  Many of the authors were not particularly well known to me, but their books were easy reading, enjoyable, and well worth a look.  After the launch in April 1985, the books were published until September 1989, with a few breaks and changes to the imprint.  The series was edited by Rog Peyton and Rod Milner of Andromeda Books (the late, but great, bookshop in Birmingham) and the cover illustrations were all painted by artist Eddie Jones. Twenty-five volumes were issued in total over a four and a half year period. Some of the 25 cover illustrations were originals painted for friends and conventions, while others had been used previously for other books and magazines (see Interzone No.150, p.5).

Nearly twenty-five years later, while looking for something to read, I re-discovered a selection of books from the series and began to read them all over again.  I have been scouring the web looking to fill in the holes in my collection, and after a lot of searching I believe I have found the complete series  As I had collated all the details it was a fairly simple task to drop them into a database and add images of each volume.

A gallery of the book covers can be found here.

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Click on a title to see details of each volume as well as the publisher's blurb

Vol. Title Author First Published Imprint Book Number
1 We All Died At Breakaway Station Richard C. Meredith April 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099388804
2 Come, Hunt An Earthman Philip E. High April 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099388901
3 Hammer's Slammers David Drake May 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099398702
4 Interstellar Empire John Brunner June 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099388707
5 Starwolf Edmond Hamilton July 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099400308
6 Starhunt David Gerrold August 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099409003
7 Sold - For A Spaceship Philip E. High September 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 009942780X
8 Run, Come See Jerusalem! Richard C. Meredith October 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099428202
9 Cross the Stars David Drake November 1985 Hamlyn ISBN 0099435500
10 Chronicles of the Star Kings Edmond Hamilton April 1986 Arrow ISBN 0099478609
11 The Blackcollar Timothy Zahn June 1986 Arrow ISBN 0099485001
12 Space Skimmer David Gerrold April 1987 Arrow ISBN 0099506602
13 Speaking of Dinosaurs Philip E. High June 1987 Arrow ISBN 0099504502
14 The Timeliner Trilogy Richard C. Meredith August 1987 Arrow ISBN 009951690X
15 Cobra Timothy Zahn October 1987 Arrow ISBN 0099514109
16 Assault on the Gods Stephen Goldin December 1987 Legend ISBN 0099527707
17 Cobra Strike Timothy Zahn February 1988 Legend ISBN 0099514206
18 Hammers Slammers - At Any Price David Drake August 1988 Arrow ISBN 0099576902
19 The Backlash Mission Timothy Zahn October 1988 Arrow ISBN 0099576805
20 The Sky is Filled with Ships Richard C. Meredith November 1988 Arrow ISBN 0099618605
21 The Torch of Honor Roger MacBride Allen January 1989 Arrow ISBN 0099621800
22 Victims of the Nova John Brunner March 1989 Arrow ISBN 0099624400
23 Cobra Bargain Timothy Zahn May 1989 Arrow ISBN 0099640503
24 Hammer's Slammers - Counting the Cost David Drake July 1989 Arrow ISBN 0099662809
25 Rogue Powers Roger MacBride Allen September 1989 Arrow ISBN 0099621908


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