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Venture Science Fiction - Volume 8
Run, Come See Jerusalem!
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Run, Come See Jerusalem! Volume 8
Run, Come See Jerusalem!

Richard C. Meredith
Issued: October 1985
Hamlyn Paperbacks
ISBN 0099428202
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
viii+232 pages

First published by Ballantine Books in 1976.

Publisher's Blurb
A breathtaking chase through time...

Centuries earlier, New Jerusalem had been Chicago. But now it was ruled by the World Ecumenical Church - a repressive theocracy founded by Allen Howard Dover... and governed by fear.

Eugene Stillman didn't like this world. But he was a law-abiding government time-traveller, not a rebel - until he met Melanie.

She introduced him to the delights of forbidden sex, she lured him into the underground - and presented him with a plan to prevent the very birth of Allen Howard Dover.

All it involved was murder... and a little trip.

Because of Melanie, the church made Stillman a hunted criminal. And because of Melanie, Stillman suddenly found himself on a horrifying flight through time - running back and forth through centuries to escape pursuers who were determined to follow him all the lives of his days...


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