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Venture Science Fiction brought together works of science fiction that were either unpublished in the UK or that were only issued in hardback format. The series was edited by Rog Peyton and Rod Milner and the cover illustrations were all sourced from the back-catalogue of Eddie Jones. The first nine books in the series were published by Hamlyn Paperbacks and the remainder by Arrow Books.

Books 1, 2, 4 and 6 were reissued in 1987 with modified covers. The modified covers are not included here but can be seen in this gallery.

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We All Died At Breakaway Station. Paperback
Volume 1
Come, Hunt An Earthman. Paperback
Volume 2
Hammer's Slammers. Paperback
Volume 3
Interstellar Empire. Paperback
Volume 4
Starwolf. Paperback
Volume 5
Starhunt. Paperback
Volume 6
Sold - For A Spaceship. Paperback
Volume 7
Run, Come See Jerusalem!. Paperback
Volume 8
Cross the Stars. Paperback
Volume 9
Chronicles of the Star Kings. Paperback
Volume 10
The Blackcollar. Paperback
Volume 11
Space Skimmer. Paperback
Volume 12
Speaking of Dinosaurs. Paperback
Volume 13
The Timeliner Trilogy. Paperback
Volume 14
Cobra. Paperback
Volume 15
Assault on the Gods. Paperback
Volume 16
Cobra Strike. Paperback
Volume 17
Hammers Slammers - At Any Price. Paperback
Volume 18
The Backlash Mission. Paperback
Volume 19
The Sky is Filled with Ships. Paperback
Volume 20
The Torch of Honor. Paperback
Volume 21
Victims of the Nova. Paperback
Volume 22
Cobra Bargain. Paperback
Volume 23
Hammer's Slammers - Counting the Cost. Paperback
Volume 24
Rogue Powers. Paperback
Volume 25


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